Wagner Steam Cleaner Review

The Wagner Steam Cleaner does not just sanitize and deodorize your floor; it also provides you with a no-fuss way to remove wallpapers.

Double Take

You landed in the right place if you are both a) planning to renovate a room or an entire house and b) looking for a steam cleaner. If it’s either, you’re still a winner. By choosing this product, you get the best of both worlds for the price of one.

The manufacturer is Wagner SprayTech Corp. It is known for painting and decorating products. It is not that surprising to find out it is offering a wallpaper remover. The company clearly wants to make the job as easy as possible. Then it adds another function to the device: steam cleaning.

What you get is a Wagner steam cleaner, the 915 On-Demand Power Steamer. It has interesting features to begin with. So this machine can peel off your old wallpaper and can sanitize your floor as well. If this reads too much in one bite, this review will break it down for you.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Wagner 915 Power Steamer and Cleaner

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  • The Wagner 915 1,500-Watt On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner is a reliable machine for steam cleaning and wallpaper removal.
  • This product features a steam plate that removes wallpapers, leaving no residue, and performs 20 percent faster than non-pressurized steamers.
  • The affordable Wagner Steam Cleaner is a fast, effective, and chemical-free tool for cleaning surfaces in and around the house.


  • Not a big deal but still something to note: the Wagner Steam Cleaner needs to be plugged into an extension cord to have better coverage.
  • A room for improvement for the manufacturer: the lack of a level indicator, as users are left guessing how much water to pour during refills.

Features & Benefits

Steam Cleaner and Wallpaper Remover

At first glance, a wallpaper remover is best left alone doing what it’s meant to do. So is a steam cleaner. Yet, Wagner managed to put the two functions together in one product. The result: the 915 On-Demand Power Steamer. There must be a common denominator, right? Yes, and it’s the machine’s pressurized steam system. As a wallpaper remover, it makes use of a steam plate that performs 20 percent faster than non-pressurized systems. It certainly delivers. One user shares his personal experience, saying the device did the trick for a 20-year-old wallpaper that had been installed incorrectly.

It is understandable why the Wagner Steam Cleaner is the company’s most powerful wallpaper remover. Now, with a touch of a button, the system shifts to supplying steam to clean and sanitize areas and objects at home. Steam cleaning has emerged as a better alternative to chemical-based cleaning. This method has no need for chemical products and leaves no messy residue on surfaces. It can effectively remove dirt, grime, and grease, among others. The instruction can be summed up simply as “just add water". As a steam cleaner, this Wagner baby is also powerful in killing bacteria found beneath the surface.

Two Modes for Versatility and Power

By pulling a power trigger, you control this darling’s steam output. There are two light indicators: the green light indicates that the steamer is ready to operate, while the red light indicates that it is already producing steam. The water must reach 135 degrees Fahrenheit in order for the red light to do its thing. The Wagner Steam Cleaner employs two modes of operation, allowing for customization. Are you going to remove a wallpaper or clean the house? Depending on your purpose, you can choose continuous or intermittent steam. You can adjust the settings using an on-demand fingertip steam control.

Speaking of versatility and power, the Wagner 915 On-Demand Power Steamer can clean a wide variety of spaces and materials. You can use it to sanitize floors, windows, appliances like barbecue grills, bathroom fixtures, screens, tires, and sofas. Basically almost everything in the house. And these are the accessories that come with the power steamer: the window squeegee, floor-cleaning brush and cloth, two extension tubes, measuring cup and fill funnel, and utility brushes. What can it remove? Spots and stains. Stubborn dirt and even mud. The unit itself sports a jet nozzle that is great at targeting the latter.

Ease of Use

Won’t it further make your work efficient if you can change the accessories on the fly? The Wagner Steam Cleaner allows you to do this. Just hold the accessory over a bucket and pull the trigger until steam puffs out and water stops flowing completely. You can then replace the current accessory with the one you are holding. These are fairly simple steps. You won’t have to use chemicals, too, which tend to leave residue and smell. If you keep on practicing, you will be able to perform the switch in a breeze. Talk about ease of use.

In addition, it only takes 8 to 10 minutes to heat up. Not only do you shorten waiting time; you also cut down on cleaning or removing time. Its water tank was designed for large capacity. Putting out a lot of steam, it does not disappoint. Though it tends to have a short cord, the 915 On-Demand Power Steamer sports a long hose. This enables you to extend your reach while cleaning surfaces or removing wallpaper. There are also two extension tubes that you can use to really expand your coverage. Last but not least, the wheels are great for moving the machine around.

Efficient and Low Maintenance

If you have decided that the condition of an area or object is already hopeless, then all the more you have to try this Wagner device. It can deal with the most impossible situations. Here are some of the things you want to sanitize and this star steam cleaner can help fix: tiles, grout, sinks, counters, toilet, and floors. The lack of a level indicator for the water tank might cause a bit of inconvenience for some. Wagner should be able to address this feature issue so as to improve the already-excellent performance of the 915 On-Demand Power Steamer.

Considering the things included in the package, the Wagner Steam Cleaner is a super affordable multipurpose machine. For less than 100 bucks, you can get a pressurized steam system that works like a charm. When it comes to water type, distilled is highly recommended. Do yourself a favor and avoid tap water altogether. With proper care, you will be able to keep this combo tool for a long time. We’re talking years, decades even. The secret is to follow what the user manual has to say about maintenance. Remember to cool the unit down for 20 minutes before emptying it out.



You are here because you found us by Googling wallpaper removal or steam cleaner, or both. It would be awesome if it’s both. The Wagner Steam Cleaner combines efficient steam cleaning and fast wallpaper removal using the power of steam. The pressurized system is able to beat its peers in wallpaper removal by performing 20 percent faster. In terms of steam cleaning, it provides users with a cheaper and better alternative to using chemicals as cleansers. This machine can deal with the most stubborn spots and stains. It can remove mud. It can eliminate bacteria that lie beneath the surfaces at home.

It is able to do the trick as a wallpaper remover or a steam cleaner. On top of these functions, the Wagner 915 On-Demand Power Steamer is super affordable. You get the best of both worlds for the price of one. With proper maintenance and care, you will be able to rely on this product for a long time. Now that you know all these things, the next step would be deciding whether to buy. This detailed review is just one among several. Yet, come to think of it, you will be hard-pressed to find another model that offers two seemingly-unrelated functions in one.

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