Why Use A Steamer for Bed Bugs

Here are several reasons why you should use a commercial steamer for bed bugs to solve your insect infestation issues at home or the hotel.

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Waging A War

Bed bugs are among humanity’s smallest enemies. They do not discriminate. You’ll find them at home and sometimes in a hotel room. They bite you and feast on your blood. And it hurts. When you’re certain you have bed bug infestation, you should not hesitate to wage a war. But how? Spraying Raid alone does not solve the problem. These nasty creatures are not easy to avoid. The best way is extermination. And in this case, you need your own steam cleaner to do the job. You will need a steam cleaner for bed bugs, not the one you use on the carpet flooring.

A steamer for bed bugs is different than the carpet cleaner in that it has a much greater capacity. Experts say you need at least one gallon of capacity. The machine you use to spot clean your carpet won’t be hot enough to kill those vampire insects. Still, it stands that steam can effectively eliminate bed bugs. With the right model, you will be able to accomplish your goal. Through this article, you will learn how to cut short a budding bed bug infestation. You will also read about the benefits of buying your own steam cleaner for the job. For a full review of the wisest options, read these handheld steam cleaner reviews.

How a Bed Bug Steam Cleaner Works

Before we explain how a steam cleaner works, let us touch on the importance of detecting the infestation. The earlier you get a hold of the situation, the better. These organisms are quick to multiply, so catching them in the early stage is going to make things easier for you. Take note that they love to dwell in deep, warm places. They can be found through the cracks of your mattress. If you are suspecting that a bite is caused by one of theirs, and not a fly, clean up the bed right away. Go over the mattress and the edges of the bed frame using a steam cleaner. Typically, a hotel or hostel that is worth its salt will have a unit at hand. A commercial bed bug steam cleaner is a bit expensive, starting from several hundreds of dollars. If for family use, you may consider renting a unit instead.

The steamer for bed bugs produces heat that is lethal to these insects. According to the University of Minnesota guide to bedbugs, the surface temperature should be at least 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit to effectively kill these annoying creatures. If you aim under this prescribed heat, you may be enabling them to survive. With the right temperature, the device can target the surface down to ¾ of the material such as fabric. It is a big help if your machine has a steam volume control so you can adjust the steam. You do not want your bed to become too wet. Also, make sure you are targeting all the areas where bed bugs are found or suspected to be hiding. Be really thorough about it. Go back and forth until you are confident that you have covered everything. In the face of these tiny enemies, you should not doubt and be merciless.

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How to Use the Steamer for Bed Bugs

When it comes to the steamer for bed bugs, you should always observe proper and careful use. Reading the manual carefully is the first step to making no mistakes. Follow the steps as stated. The machine can get extremely hot while you are at work. To avoid burns, handle it properly. We recommend that you buy one that has a handle for controlling the hose and nozzle. This not only help you avoid burns but also allow you to point the nozzle at your target without difficulty. Again, a steam volume control is preferred. Make sure the nozzle is not the pinpoint type, though, as this tends to blow away the bed bugs. That adds to your work and, in the end, enables some of these pesky bugs to escape. If you are up for it, better invest in a high-quality brand and model so you can effectively kill your target.

You can also go for a steam cleaner for bed bugs that uses a brush. When buying, you must also check for the comfort of your hand while holding this thing. Exterminating insects might require more time, concentration, and effort from your end. You do not want to get tired handling the bed bug steam cleaner so quickly. Sometimes the device will spit out water that might be the result of powering it on or of remaining old water in it. Have a towel or a basin come handy to catch the remnants. It can also be too wet or too hot, so keeping an eye on the setting will do wonders. Keep the children away from the steam cleaner while you are using it to avoid accidents. When you are done, open the door and windows to help dry the mattress quickly. You can also point a fan on the bed for faster results.

Our Verdict

You have read about how bed bugs can multiply and antagonize your life in a blink. They do not discriminate. So, you have to stay vigilant. If you are suspecting an infestation, you better hope you have caught it early. The next best thing to do is to act quickly. A commercial steamer for bed bugs is required to eliminate these nasty enemies. Bear in mind that this is not your typical steam cleaner for carpet or car. This commercial steam cleaner is more heavy-duty, with at least one gallon of capacity. Make sure that if you buy one, you’re investing in a high-quality brand and model.

This commercial steam cleaner for bed bugs can be very effective in annihilating those vampire insects. At the same time, they can be dangerous to use because they get too hot. We continue to remind you to observe proper and careful use of the machine. Also, make sure you are covering all the areas such as cracks and edges to ensure that you eliminate the bed bugs completely. To learn more about the advantages of steam cleaning in the house, check out our other blog posts on this natural method. Feel free to browse as well through our general maintenance articles containing the latest tips and tricks.