Why Steam Clean the Engine? Benefits for Your Car’s Performance!

Are you a skeptic about the claim that you can steam clean the engine of your car yet also open to changing your mind once you get the facts? Read on.

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Straight to the Facts

What -- steam clean my engine? You think it’s absurd. Or worse, dangerous. We cannot blame you for showing a bit of skepticism. But before we further jump to such conclusions, we want to make things clear for you. That is, let us address your skepticism by first showing how steam cleaning works. It is a form of deep cleaning, which removes stains or dirt embedded in an object (e.g. carpets and tiles). Turning water into heat leads to steam, which is responsible for killing bacteria and germs as well. Deep cleaning is necessary, according to experts, to fill the gap left behind by vacuuming or mopping.

The same is true for your vehicle. The interiors and the motors need to undergo thorough cleanup at least twice a year. In some cases, it can be more frequent. You might think that “yes, steam cleaning works for car seats, but to steam clean the engine?” Understandably, safety is an utmost concern. And the thing is, steam cleaning helps protect your car’s engine from rust or clogs, potentially prolonging its life. It lessens the possibility of a malfunction that can lead to something dangerous like engine fire. Contrary to popular opinion, portable steam cleaners do not damage your automobile’s exteriors either. So, let’s examine the benefits.

Engine Cleaning Service or Steam Engine Cleaner?

Before we delve deeper, let us review your options here. You can 1) hire a professional engine cleaning service or 2) buy an engine steam cleaner. The main differences are the cost and skill level. Understand that the method is pretty similar with how you meet your regular car wash needs. You can outsource it to a professional and pay the cost of hiring labor afterward. In doing this, you must be able to find a person or shop you can trust. Reputation and credibility are important considerations here. Typically, you will need to shell out more to be able to achieve quality results. As for your second option, you focus on the engine steam cleaner. You must also have a bit of technical background. Meaning, you should know car parts and have a reliable knowledge of how they work. If you don’t, think about your family members’ capacity to stand in for you.

If you choose to ‘hire’ the engine cleaning service of a family member, make sure to decide on the engine steam cleaner together. Search for a reputable and credible brand. Consider Wagner or Bissell. Investing in a quality model will also make a big difference. So, time to move on to the benefits. Earlier, we mentioned life expectancy. Sometimes, an engine breaks down simply because of old age. Yet, the breakdown can also be attributed to something more tangible: rusting or clogging. When you steam clean the engine, the process helps make it resistant to corrosion. In a way, steam cleaning contributes to prolonging your vehicle’s life. It also enhances the car’s operation. By enabling the engine to work in tip-top shape, it the engine steam cleaner makes the car less prone to perilous events, such as engine fires. So, no matter if you choose an engine cleaning service or an engine steam cleaner, you are taking a proactive step toward protecting yourself and your passengers.

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Cost-benefit Analysis

Steam-cleaning the engine is not the only way to boost the resale value of your car. Fortunately, you can apply the method to the interiors such as the seat upholstery. If you steam clean the engine yourself, make sure to do the same for the automobile’s exteriors. And while skeptics say this can damage the paint, it can actually have the opposite effect. As this is a form of deep cleaning, this can remove dust and dirt that have clung onto the windows, doors, and mirrors. Not to mention the bacteria and germs on the handles and frames. As for the paint? Though an engine steam cleaner uses high temperature to clean and sanitize surfaces, it does not damage protected surfaces. And like your sealed hardwood flooring, the car’s outer parts are designed to withstand elements. They are “sealed” in a way. The manufacturers made sure of that. So why worry?

Now, the indirect benefit, of course, is cost-related. While your main concern is the safety and health of your engine and other car parts, your budget might or might not suffer from your decision. By hiring professional engine cleaning service, you can rest assured that the car is in safe hands. But you will have to set aside a fixed cost to accommodate this lifestyle choice. This isn’t just about upgrading one’s lifestyle. It’s about long-term thinking regarding protection of your family and your investment (car). Meanwhile, the benefit in buying your own engine steam cleaner like Wagner outweighs that of the former. In this case, you have to invest one time, big-time in a product that you believe in. The downside is that you may overlook something and regret your decision later. This can be cancelled out by conducting a thorough research on the matter. This way, you get to save on energy, time, and money in the long run.

In A Nutshell

So, are you still having second thoughts about steam cleaning? We hope the answer is no. You have read about the potential benefits. You have read about the options: hiring an engine cleaning service professional or buying an engine steam cleaner. We won’t declare a winner in this case. Both have benefits that can be considered on a per-case basis. We trust that you will make the decision that is best for your car, and the people who will ride in it. But the benefits must outweigh your doubts -- this is an important thing to realize. At this point, we have nothing to add.

It is up to you to choose between the main options. Just think about how frequent you would want to steam clean your engine. The benefits are yours for the taking. As we said, there is no substitute to conducting a thorough research on your part. You need a solid list of options. If you feel that this article has helped you understand steam cleaning better, you may want to check out our individual product reviews for a closer look at options. And if you need more information on steam cleaning, the technology and available tools, feel free to browse on the blog. Happy reading! If you have trouble spots on your carpet, check out these portable carpet cleaner reviews