Review: Top 7 Pressure Steam Cleaner Products

Here is a review of the top 7 pressure steam cleaner products on the market today.

Before You Buy

Do you have floors, carpets, or upholstery that needs to be restored or replaced? If you said yes, read on. If you are here because you have been looking for an alternative to this costly option, you are in the right place. We were there a few times, too. We wanted to just extract the wall-to-wall carpet because we thought the original had been looking dull and lifeless. Let's start afresh with a new style and design, we said. But then, we would have to change the carpeting upstairs, too! You know how this ends. We realized it would cost us too much!

Fast forward to finding out about renting someone who can apply a pressure steam cleaner on our carpet. That was also expensive, but not as much as the renovation option. Then came our lightbulb moment! How about we buy our own pressure washer? A steam cleaner kept at home has its advantages. It's easy to access and use. So, we got one and didn't regret it. By choosing the right unit, you can also revitalize an old carpet, upholstery, and even tiling. To help you decide, we picked and reviewed the top 7 models on the market right now.

Freshen up your space with this pressure washer with steam cleaner from Craftsman. Ideally for occasional cleanup, this pressure steam cleaner can be used for vehicles, walkways, decks, and such. This compact, versatile machine provides cleaning and sanitation in areas that other pressure steam cleaners cannot tackle. It is efficient for accomplishing small-size projects. It boasts an aluminum pump head construction with axial cam pump for rust-resistant durability. This device runs and operates well, and is also easy to store after you are done. It offers convenient and comfort while you are working and peace of mind after cleaning up. Though it looks heavy-duty, this machine is definitely easy to carry and move around. Bringing it outside should not be a cause of trouble for you.

The manual that comes with this machine is easy to understand. You will be starting with the work in no time. It is important to comprehend the instructions and follow proper usage so you can maximize the potential of this tool. For anyone new to this kind of pressure steam cleaner, there is a bit of a learning curve to deal with. Meanwhile, when you are looking for Craftsman 1700 PSI, 1.3 GPM Electric Pressure Washer w/ Steam Cleaner parts, the company will also be of great help. Though this product is fairly new to some, it can be of great use to people who are working on small-time projects and occasional cleanups, like on-call independent professional service providers.

A high-pressure steam cleaner is designed to do one thing more effectively than its non-pressurized counterparts: kill microorganisms that can harm a household. Most bacteria thrive in the house, examples of which are e-coli, listeria, MRSA, and salmonella. Other annoying and nasty inclusions are molds and mildew, bed bugs, fleas, and mites. These are the enemies to everyday cleaning, and STX International's Mega-Steam model is engineered specifically for these persistent troubles at home. It exists to clean, sanitize, and disinfect surfaces at home, such as walls, runners, and glass. At greater than 215 degrees Fahrenheit, this tool produces steam vapor that kill common bacteria, viruses, etc. All without having to use harsh or harmful chemicals. This way, it enables you to create a healthier and safer environment for your family members to live in.

The STX international pressure steam cleaner weighs 9.3 pounds and produces 1500 watts of steaming power. The tank does not weigh you down so you can move with ease during cleanup. This power machine is not that heavy to begin with, yet it is totally a beast when it comes to doing the job. The best part is that while cleaning, you can control the intensity of the steam vapor. You can set it in bursts of high pressure and high heat. Or you can hold that combo for longer intervals. It comes with various attachments with specialized functions. Some of them help you to tackle hard-to-reach areas and crusted buildup. Anything that you thought was hopeless this machine can make new. And unlike a commercial or professional pressure washer steam cleaner, it is affordable.

With an impressive design, the Dupray Tosca pressure steam cleaner represents excellent Italian workmanship. It is chemical-free, effective, and environment-friendly. It produces steam that not only cleans but also sanitizes home surfaces and surroundings. At the same time, it changes the way you clean. Equipped with a digital interface, this device displays active temperature and pressure so you are guided as you go. The hottest it can reach is 316 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 degrees Celsius. More so, it reminds you when it is time for a quick boiler maintenance. Truly, an intelligent display is bound to change things in this digital age. This machine is an example of what the next generation of pressure washer steam cleaner models can do for households and cleaning.

The Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner makes the job easier for its users. Not only does it kill bacteria and germs or sanitize floors, windows, bathrooms, and kitchens. It can deal with details such as fingerprints on the surface of appliances. If you are the type who gets bothered by such tiny messes, or if your place requires such polish, then this is great for you. It is on the expensive end of steam cleaners, but it offers amazing pressure that cannot be beaten by its lower-cost counterparts. It is definitely a cleaner to invest in. The design is simple yet elegant. It also oozes quality and functionality. It can last you years for sure. That is long enough to find a satisfying return on your investment.

From a trusted name in cleaning, Wagner, this product is a combined pressure steam cleaner and wallpaper remover. The steam cleaning function focuses on deep cleaning and sanitizing areas in the house. No need to deal with chemicals that leave residue or can be harsh to your family. This 120-volt power steamer reaches up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit to be able to kill pathogens. A red light on the machine indicates that it is still making steam. Once the light turns into green, it is ready to take on the task. You can control the way it produces steam, continuously or intermittently, as it depends on your goal for a particular session. It comes with wheels that also allow you to move with ease across surfaces.

There are many types of materials and objects that the Wagner pressure steam cleaner can clean. It is effective on floors, furniture, bathroom fixtures and surfaces, appliances, screens, windows, BBQ grills, and even car tires and wheels. There is no tough dirt, stain, spot, grease, grime, or mud that this baby cannot handle. It can even destroy those nasty bed bugs. It surely spares you from the grueling task of eliminating these usual suspects when it comes to cleanliness. And, not only that, you can be satisfied that the results are indeed excellent. It works 20 percent faster than non-pressurized steamer. And because it is a versatile pressure washer steam cleaner, it is also great as a wallpaper remover.

The Bissell Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner is a high-pressure steam cleaner that is completely chemical-free, leaving no fumes or residue. Turning ordinary water into steam, it is powerful enough to clean and sanitize sealed hard surfaces. You can have peace of mind while you or a family member walks barefoot on ceramic, granite, laminate, marble, sealed hardwood, or vinyl floor. But do not limit yourself to what your feet touch. Counters, showers, even windows can be cleaned by this pressure washer steam cleaner. This darling can deal with the dirt or something else stuck in the edges, gaps, or grouts, The tank can hold about 6.6 ounces of water. And it can get really hot, but not boiling, so proper use is preferred.

The Bissell Steam Shot is easy to assemble and use. It heats up really fast, about 3 minutes to be exact. And this handheld machine lasts 20 minutes to an hour and a half before it requires a refill. Talk about saving time and effort. You will only need about two passes and a single towel wipe to achieve that really clean result. This handheld steam cleaner pressure washer is not heavy. Your hands will not tire easily. The accessories that come in the box are color-coded so you know which ones to use for custom cleaning. No need to fuss over storage details when it comes to this small and compact unit. It is a terrific product for its price. You cannot get a better deal than this.

The McCulloch Canister Steam System is a powerful machine for sanitizing floors, patios, even BBQ grills. It comes with 20 accessories that allow cleaning versatility. Just attach the mop to power through dirty wooden, tile, or laminate floors. Use one of the brushes to deal with grime and grease on BBQ grills. Try the scrub pads for greater coverage. All in all, these are the items and accessories that come with this McCulloch beast: a large mop head; a scrapper; a triangle brush, a large brush, two nylon utility brushes, a brass utility brush, and a bristle brush attachment; an extension wand; a jet and angled nozzle; a microfiber and scrubbing mop pads and two round scrub pads; a storage bag and fill cup; and an accessory net.

Heating water up to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the McCulloch pressure steam cleaner uses natural method to deeply and effectively clean surfaces. Just water. No harsh chemicals. It heats up for about 10 minutes and produces 90 minutes' worth of continuous steam so you get more job done quickly and uninterrupted. Its water tank is large, with a 48-ounce capacity. Even better is its feature that allows you dial in precise steam flow. The 4 bar pressure is just as good, as you can blast away dirt, grease, and grime with hot steam. It is this unforgiving heat that kills germs and bacteria. With the McCulloch Canister Steam System, you can rest (after cleaning, of course) assured that the surfaces on your house are clean and safe.

If you are used to the scour-and-scrub method, you will love the break from the chore that the Carpet Cleaners pressure steam cleaner offers. Boasting 1500 watts of power, it provides users with an efficient and effortless way to remove dirt and kill bacteria at home surfaces. Of course, this includes neglected carpets and tile grouts. A pressure washer steam cleaner employs high temperature to eliminate stain, spills, spots, and the like. The heat turns water into steam and then applies pressure to lift, loosen, and eventually remove the unwanted mess from the target surface or material. Aside from this functionality, this type of machine does not use chemicals that may harm people's body and health. It is a natural way to perform deep cleaning at home.

Another impressive factor of the Carpet Cleaners pressure steam cleaner is that it is multipurpose. You don't have to waste money getting a separate unit for each area, like the carpet or upholstery. It goes to show that this device is what it is cracked up to be. You can also rely on its faster heating time and longer usage. The thing comes with accessories that promise to make your cleaning even more comfortable and convenient. The several brush types work for a wide range of surfaces, from the stubborn flooring to the unreachable upholstery edge. This product sports a big nozzle that affects its performance -- for the better in this case, of course. For all the efficiency and eco-friendliness, this steam cleaner pressure washer comes at a super affordable price.


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