Mcculloch Steam System Review

We ran and reviewed the McCulloch Steam System to see if it’s as functional and versatile as it claims to be.

The Power of Steam

We’ve heard good things about steam cleaning so we went ahead and tested the king set of steam cleaners. It’s from McCulloch, a manufacturer of powerful tools to help organize and tidy up your home. The product comes from the PowerSteam Series and is starting strong by the looks of it.

We are referring to the McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System. Its promise? To blast away grime without having to enlist harsh chemicals in the process. It is a heavy-duty steam cleaner, all right, but it is friendly to the user and even nature. Do we have the ears of the eco-conscious consumers in the crowd?

To clarify, every steam mop model is promising things along that line. So we break down the promise into four things you can expect from this beast. If you’re investing in a cleaner, it might well be the best on the market. Is it the real deal? You better find out now through our detailed review.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System

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  • The McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System is a multipurpose tool that you can use for cleaning or steam mopping.
  • The McCulloch Steam System heats up fast for as fast as 12 minutes and blows off steam for 120 minutes without requiring a refill.
  • The steam cleaning machine comes with 23 versatile accessories -- including a scrapper, a squeegee, brushes, and wands -- that make cleaning and mopping easier.


  • Though the McCulloch Steam System can be a bit pricey, you can rely on its multifunctionality and the accessories’ versatility.
  • The handle may get a little warm when in use for about 30 minutes to an hour, though not to the point of being bothersome.

Features & Benefits

Multipurpose Machine / Variable Steam Control

The McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System takes its cue from the legendary MC1275. Now, since its launch in 2005, the MC1275 has been garnering praises from users. It’s got a cumulative 4-star rating on Amazon. The team in charge of designing the PowerSteam Series took the elements that had made the MC1275. Then they created something sleeker, stronger, and more capable. The MC1385 is built on the foundation of a strong performer. Yet, it must also be seen for its own set of strengths, first of which is its multifunctionality. Steam and scrub multiple surfaces through its powerful steam action.

The McCulloch Steam System works its charm in multiple settings. Some examples aside from your home is your car, garage, workshop, RV, or boat. But one feature that enables this machine to kind of do it all is the Variable Steam Control. This refers to settings that allow you to dial in the amount of steam output needed for a specific task. You can raise or lower the heat according to the material or surface you’re cleaning. Carpets, flooring, windows, ovens, engines, and wheels are just few of the things that come to mind. If you can have one device to use across these spaces, the MC1385 would be it.

Steam Cleaning

The McCulloch Steam System takes the chemical-free cleaning promise to the next level. Using ordinary water heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, you get steam that kills germs and bacteria without damaging surfaces at home, in your car, etc. Apparently, this is the ideal temperature to achieve that effect. Water and heat work together to deodorize and sanitize areas. The best part is that you don’t need to add chemicals or artificial scents at all. In an economic sense, you get to save on these products too. Steam cleaning done the McCulloch way is indeed a better alternative to chemical-based cleaning.

This bad boy sports a large water tank, which you can fill up with 64oz ordinary water. Even with this large capacity, it heats up for as fast as 12 minutes. Then it continues to blow off steam for 120 minutes straight. You get up to two hours of uninterrupted cleaning with this cool (hot!) feature. Do remember that it can get too warm for the hand after 30 minutes; though it doesn’t get hot enough to cause discomfort or pose danger. The 4-bar pressure used for blasting away grime and dirt can be found on the handle. You can raise or lower the steam settings as you deem necessary.

23 Versatile Accessories

You don’t just get the McCulloch Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner; you get the whole package. The steam cleaning bundle includes a 13"x8.5" mop head. That is large enough to power through dirty floors. It is ideal for sealed flooring surfaces such as wood, tile, and laminate. There are also brushes, which we tried to count for you: one triangle brush; one large brush, 2 nylon utility brushes; 2 brass utility brushes; and 2 round brushes. Their functions can be decoded from their names, but let us give you a few examples of where they work best. These are ovens, BBQ grills, and patios.

A 9" squeegee is included. Of course that’s great for cleaning windows and mirrors. What else are there? A 3" scrapper, two extension wands, a jet and an angled nozzle, two round scrub pads, a bristle brush attachment, a microfiber and scrubbing mop pad, a storage bag and fill cup, and an accessory net. These accessories are called versatile mainly because they’re the parts that really enable the McCulloch Steam System to work wonders. Complementing the variable steam control function, each has a role in catering to the task at hand. If you learn how to use them, you will be able to clean and sanitize areas more naturally and more effectively.

Easy Assembly, Use, and Storage

The McCulloch Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner, with all its important accessories, does not come cheap. You will have to shell out bucks by the hundreds for it. Think of it as investing in a reliable and exceptional device. Still, you are getting something that is made to tackle the toughest jobs. If you want to keep your home and other spaces clean and safe, this is your guy. This well-built machine and its rugged accessories can be your trusted steam cleaning companion for years. It is easy to set up. Though we recommend that you study what the various attachments and whatnots are for.

The integrated handle makes for fuss-free portability. You can take the McCulloch Steam System in and around the home. You can also easily move or transport it, as you are likely to steam clean your car, boat, RV, patio, garage, or workshop. For greater coverage, extend the 18-foot power cord as needed. Using the cord wrap, you can neatly store it when you’re done. At 13.1 x 13.3 x 19.1 inches, the product is a bit bulky. But leaving it to stand in a free corner should not be a problem. Just keep it out of children’s or pets’ reach.



Steam cleaning is a better alternative to chemical-based cleaning. At McCulloch, this is even taken to the next level. As a part of the PowerSteam Series, the McCulloch Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner is a reliable and exceptional machine. It continues the brand of steam cleaning that the legendary MC1275 has been known for. Also known as MC1385, it is however a sleeker, stronger, and more capable version. This model powers through dirty floors and tackles the toughest jobs. The best part is that it uses ordinary water heated at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. No need for chemical-based cleaners here, folks.

Great at multiple settings, the McCulloch Steam System is your go-to guy for sanitizing and deodorizing homes, cars, boats, RVs, garages, and patios, among others. Even if it is not cheap, you can expect to get your money’s worth -- and more! These are the things we have to say about the McCulloch Steam System. Here’s a virtual high-five for making it all the way to the ending. We hope that the pieces of information we just shared will help you make a smart choice. Before you buy, you may also check out our blog posts on the general topic of steam mops, carpet cleaners, etc.

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