How to Find Quality & Cheap Carpet Cleaning Tools

Good housekeeping does not require expensive tools, and for this post, we took on the task of finding quality yet cheap carpet cleaning options for you.

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Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Persian rugs add beauty to a room. Plush carpets are soft and comfortable underfoot. Yet, when they are used as flooring or decor in a heavy-traffic area, regular maintenance is a must. Aside from extending the carpet’s life, cleaning is important in keeping your family healthy. The textile is known to trap bacteria, dirt, dust, and other so-called indoor pollutants. These particles can be inhaled by family members, aggravating allergies. In this light, vacuuming your carpet is not even be enough. It cannot drive away dust mites, let alone destroy them. Professional cleaners use a different method called steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning uses heated ordinary, sometimes distilled, water to deep-clean carpets, among other types of flooring. It gets rid of chemicals and leaves no messy residue. Now, you don’t need to hire professional service to make it happen. There are quality yet cheap carpet cleaning tools that can provide you with this function. Moreso, they vary in design, features, and other details. For instance, you will find a sweep-and-steam combo, a standalone steamer, or a steamer-cum-wallpaper-remover unit. You may also need a carpet shampoo to get the job done right. This latest post will let you in on the factors you have to know before buying one. Read on to find out how this product can help protect your family’s health.

Cleaning Performance and Design

Performance all boils down to how effective and efficient a cheap carpet cleaning machine is. You should be looking at what you are dealing with. For example, in a house where there are pets, you can expect animal dander, urine stain, and even poop stain and smell. In a house where there are babies or toddlers, you can expect vomit, food and drink spillage, and yet again, urine stain. Then factor in the usual pollutants, such as cockroach allergens, lead, dirt, and dust. Think about what will help you clean up this types of messes. A sweep-and-steam combo will work when you’re basically dealing with crumbs and the typical dust that settles on surfaces. To ensure stubborn stains and spots are eliminated, you can also go for a steamer that comes with a deep clean formula. Look for a solution powered by Scotchgard, which protects any flooring from future stains.

After knowing what types are available, you can check out design options next. Functionality should go hand in hand with form. A good machine should be easy to assemble and use. The handle should be good for gripping. Usually, the units sport a long hose for extended cleaning. An equally longer power cord scores another point for a product. Of course, the size of the tank is important. A large tank should be able to contain enough water for more than 30 minutes. This should enable you to work on areas without interruption. After all, going to and from the sink can be time-consuming. One more factor that makes or breaks a cheap carpet cleaning tool is its cleaning path. The larger the surface area it covers, the better. Lastly, consider the size of the whole unit itself. If it’s a multipurpose model -- meaning you can use it at home or in the car -- moving it around should not be an issue. The

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Accessories and Other Features

Cheap carpet cleaning tools can be as versatile as their more expensive counterparts. This is made possible by the accessories that come with them. It is best to check out what items are included in the package: brushes, wands, squeegees, etc. These accessories enable you to work on the steps of the stairs, the corners of a couch, or the interiors of a car. Some models can cater to a wide variety of surfaces because they are equipped with different types of brushes, mop heads, upholstery tools, crevice tools, and even pet tools, among others. Just because the product is dishing out 30 accessories does not mean it is the best match for you. Make sure you have what you will need for a particular situation. One of the best steam cleaners on the market sport 23 accessories. All of them are useful. The squeegee is used for mirrors and windows. A smaller brush is used to clean up BBQ grills and the like.

You also have to look for the length of warranty presented by the manufacturers of cheap carpet cleaning tools. Reputable ones believe in their products so they are more generous in granting warranty to their clients. At least two year’s worth of limited warranty is a good place to begin in. You will also want to know how quickly you will see the effects of the machines you are considering. Special features such as heated air-drying allow for faster warm-up and drying time. Of course, as they belong to the low-cost category, you will want to compare prices. Remember that quality comes first, too. You cannot compromise on this factor and expect that you will still be using the same unit in the next decade. To give you an idea on what is good, find more about BISSELL and Wagner, relatively affordable brands in the industry.

Our Verdict

Professional cleaners use the steam cleaning method to rid their client’s home of stubborn dirt, dust, grime, spots, and stains. But who says you have to pay an incredible amount to get the service when you can do it yourself? For an affordable price, you can catch a quality carpet cleaning system in motion. This blog post seeks to shed light on what information consumers need to know before they buy a product, especially the steam cleaner. Now you also know how to tell what purposes the steam cleaner is going to accomplish, so you can narrow down your choices.

Congratulations on reaching the end of this article. We hope you learned enough of the benefits of carpet cleaning and the factors to consider before you buy cheap carpet cleaning tools. There are many options on the market, even options for portable carpet cleaners but it is up to you to determine your needs. Based on your assessment, you should be able to pin down the best match for you. Feel free to browse the blog site and read our articles on other topics. These include carpet cleaning deals, furniture cleaning, and steam clean engine, among others. You may also check out our reviews of individual products.