Best Carpet Shampoo to Buy in 2017

In this review, we dish out to you the best carpet shampoo products to buy in 2017.

The Benefits

Having the best carpet cleaner is a boost at home, especially if you have kids and pets that often cause those "accidents". But we also know that to make the cleaning effective, your power machine needs a good-quality carpet shampooer. And picking one depends on your needs and preferences as a family. Some households require natural cleansers for safer and greener results. Others rely on the shampoo's power to remove tough stains and bacteria without leaving residue. This is why choosing the right solution matters. And doing so starts with knowing what is good for the members of your home, pets included.

The best carpet shampoo for your household is one that satisfies most of your requirements. Do not compromise on the most important things. Factor in your children's health, your pets' condition, and even the adults' issues. When preferences clash, strive to meet halfway. Deciding on which commercial carpet shampooer to buy is not difficult. It just needs some thinking time so you can maximize the potential of your carpet cleaner. In this post, we provide you with a review of 7 of the best carpet shampoo items to help you narrow down your options. Read on to find out what each one has to offer.

The Puracy Natural Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo effectively removes the toughest stains, soils, and odors. This clinical-grade, plant-based solution has 4x concentrated formula that is powerful enough to deal with the messes on your carpet, rug, upholstery, and other washable fabrics. Yet it is safe and green because its ingredients come from plants and minerals. This natural shampoo boasts cleansers and deodorizers, rivaling the best carpet shampoo products that exist on the market. According to Puracy, it has none of the chemicals that may be harmful to your children or pets, such as SLS, SLES, sulfates, phosphates, animal by-products, chlorine, bleach, dyes, petrochemicals, caustics, or optical brighteners. This product is indeed environmentally-friendly and is ideal for individuals who stand strong for their lifestyle choices, such as vegans.

This upholstery shampooer is not just about the absence of petroleum-based chemicals. It is also for people who are sensitive to strong odors and have sensitive skin. The Puracy Natural Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo has a mild citrus scent that is pleasant and unobtrusive. The most fantastic thing about this commercial carpet shampooer is that though it appears gentle, it can really get the job done. An old carpet can have a new lease on life, thanks to this solution. Stubborn stains that have been stuck in your carpet, rug, upholstery, or other fabric materials for years can be removed completely. You can try to walk on it barefooted and feel the difference. The shampoo also smells nice after it dries fast on the carpet.

This spot and stain remover from Bissell is known for using oxygen technology to eliminate tough-to-remove stains all the way to the backing of the carpet. This does not discriminate, as it can remove any tough mess such as blood, coffee, grape juice, and wine. The oxygen technology allows the formula to tackle such stains with deep-colored or organic stains. Not only that, it also works to protect the carpet from future stains. You can make this the perfect buddy for your Bissell cleaner. It is a non-aerosol spray that works in any direction so you can clean the hard-to-reach edges and odd-shaped corners as well. By the best carpet shampoo standards, the Bissell Pro Power Shot Oxy is indeed winning the hearts of consumers.

It has become the go-to carpet shampooer of those who love Bissell products. The popularity of the Bissell Professional Power Shot Oxy Spot and Stain Remover is due to the fact that it delivers on its promise. Even those who bought this based on the reviews they had read now testify to its ability. It works like a charm, especially on areas that you thought would never see another day again. It pretty much gives your home a new and fresh feel. If you hate the odor of urine or barf on your carpet, this cleaning solution is your savior. Application takes a short time but the results are longer-lasting. Plus, it is super cheap you can stock up on this if you are afraid of running out.

The title says a lot. This Sunny & Hunny commercial carpet shampooer is a contender for the best carpet shampoo award for one thing. And that is because it is brand agnostic. This simply means that it caters to several brands of carpet cleaners, not limiting itself to one. For some people, this is a great alternative to the ones that are tied with the brands themselves, like Bissell solutions. For those who want to explore other options, this one is for you. True to its name, the Carpet Miracle indeed performs a sort of miracle on your carpet or upholstery. This cleaning formula restores either to its original softness and beautiful condition. If you are staring at a filthy carpet right now, know that miracles can happen.

The Sunny & Hunny Carper Miracle works well with popular brands such as Bissell, Carpet Express, Hoover, Kenmore, and Rug Doctor. It is also safe to use on all waterproof surfaces. Carpets and rugs that can dry up are, of course, safe. This solution is not just powerful in getting rid of stubborn stains and pathogens on the carpet or upholstery. It is also guaranteed to be a biodegradable and non-toxic formula, so it is perfect for households with little kids and pets. The impressive thing about the Carpet Miracle is that only a small amount of it is needed to accomplish deep cleaning. The ratio is one fl oz per one gallon of water. How awesome is that? You get to save when you buy this heaven-sent product.

If you want to go natural, this is the ideal concentrate for you. This commercial carpet shampooer boasts natural extracts that help to eliminate the most annoying stains and odors. You can keep your carpets and rugs free from germs and bacteria, dust and dirt, spots and spills by combining this effective solution with the power of a carpet cleaner. It even tackles high-traffic and commercial areas. No doubt it is considered as one of the best carpet shampoo products in 2017. The Biokleen commercial carpet shampooer is made of natural substances and gentle on fabric. But it is not just that. It can tackle any washable fabric. It is not just for carpets and rugs, too, contrary to what its name says.

At the same time, it is a handy companion to some of the most trusted brands in the business of carpet cleaners, such as Hoover. The Biokleen Carpet & Rug Shampoo Concentrate emits no chemical or perfume-like smell, which can irritate some people. It just smells clean, and that is saying something if you deal with the most horrible dog poop, kid puke, and such things every day. In the words of one legit user, the smell is obliterated. Biokleen lives up to its name. Users also note how it can effectively lift dirt and grime from a carpet or a rug. It may not be too foamy, but it has proven itself time and time again that its gentle touch should not be interpreted the wrong way

Bissell is one of the leading brands in carpet cleaners. It turns out it is also one of the best carpet shampoo makers. While there is quite a long list of Bissell solutions, we can only add here the ones we think are the best in their category. The Bissell Deep Clean Pro is an example. It has an unbeatable record if cleaning twice the effect of rival commercial carpet shampooer products. Whatever it cleans, it stays clean longer, thanks to the Scotchgard Protector feature. This is definitely one of its most desirable features. Even Bissell machines can sell because they include this type of Bissell formula. Match that with the Triple Action Formula, which cleans deeply and removes odors effectively.

When it comes to proving its worth, the Bissell Deep Clean Pro does not leave things to chance. It might as well be the best carpet shampoo because it is consider a Safer Choice product. The Environmental Protection Agency has evaluated this solution through a rigorous scientific process, which the agency uses to determine safer and greener products. This is ideal for use for families, pets, workplaces, neighborhoods, and the environment. But back to its functionality, this formula is specifically designed to maximize the cleaning efficiency of full-size machines. In other words, it is meant for upright machines not exclusively Bissell. So, yes, you can also get this for your Hoover or Rug Doctor. And you can get it for a ridiculously low price.

This carpet and upholstery shampooer is a tried-and-tested solution for removing organic stains such as blood and stubborn ones from grass, vomit, and pet accidents, among others. The Carpet & Rug Institute hails the professional strength of this formula. So, if you are looking to complement your Hoover carpet cleaner with the best carpet shampoo, then this one is for you. With the power of this product, you do not need to apply pre-treatment solutions to the surface you are targeting. It is designed to act tough on deep-seated stains and filthiest spots. Of course, it is just as effective in lifting dirt and killing bacteria. It is safe to use in the home even if you are housing pets other than canines, such as cats and birds.

The Hoover Platinum Collection Pet Plus Carpet and Upholstery Detergent can tackle little spots and wall-to-wall carpets at the same time. It is made to work hard so that you will not have to. People love how it can be relied on to deal with the most disliked messes brought about by living with pets and children and sometimes, yes, clumsy adults. And it comes at a killer price for that. Carpets that seem to be forever stained with urine and such can actually be revitalized. As in this commercial carpet shampooer can wipe them clean and make them like new. No need to shell out money to pay for a professional cleaner. When you have this one at home, you can easily turn into a pro cleaner yourself.

A commercial carpet shampooer from Hoover will not be missing from our list of course. The Cleanplus solution boasts of its 2x concentrated feature, which can tackle the most disgusting mess. And it is ready to use in areas and surfaces such as carpets, rugs, upholstery, and car interiors. Introducing the new proprietary formula from Hoover, this carpet cleaner and deodorizer is 100 percent biodegradable and non-toxic. You are sure that your family is safe from the effects of harsh chemicals when you use this instead. This is further emphasized by its pleasant smell, which reminds you of new and fresh linen. It is a great match to a Hoover carpet cleaner. In this case, it is okay to err on the safe side, right?

You will be proven otherwise anyway. The hoover Cleanplus 2x Concentrated Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer does its job well inside the Hoover carpet cleaner. Now that it is being sold at a discount on stores like Amazon, you might want to stock up on it too. This is the kind of solution that also proves to you that what you think is a clean carpet may be filthy after all. The water will turn all dirty because of the amount of unwanted stuff that it takes out. It removes deeply-embedded dirt and even stain. It is a godsend for clean freaks and for those who do not know it yet. It can be the best carpet shampoo ever. This is a good deal for anyone looking for solution to use in their Hoover machine.


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