Bissel Carpet Cleaner Review

Looking for a tool to remove stubborn stains and spots? Check out this Bissel carpet cleaner!

Get to Know the Bissell Brand

For over a century, BISSELL has been creating products that ensure cleanliness at home. The first of such was a carpet cleaner. Since inception, BISSELL has become known throughout America and Europe. It even gained entry in royal residences as Queen Victoria requested her palace to be “Bisselled" every week.

Up to this day, the company has maintained its lead and reputation in the business. With this undisputed record, the brand continues to raise the bar regarding the way people clean their homes. If this is your first time to consider a Bissel carpet cleaner, feel free to learn more about the product.

Read this review of the Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner, a portable spot cleaner. It offers professional cleaning results in a compact yet powerful solution. It is trusted by thousands of users. Ready to find out why? Here are four reasons to get you acquainted with this device.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

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  • The BISSELL SpotClean Pro has superior suction power that removes tough stains and spots better than a rag and cleaner.
  • It comes with a tough 6" stair tool, a 3" tough stain tool, and an 8oz Professional Deep Cleaning formula.
  • This popular Bissel carpet cleaner is ready to use; this means it requires no assembly, so it’s a good choice convenience-wise.


  • The attachments that come with the cleaner need to be kept separately -- not necessarily a con, but it might take more time to organize.
  • This Bissel carpet cleaner does not include wheels, which could have made it easier for users to move it around.

Features & Benefits

Superior Suction

The BISSELL SpotClean Pro is equipped with superior suction to effectively remove tough spots and stains. Good news for those who have pets! This power machine can eliminate urine stains, which can sometimes be missed for days. It also works well on poop and even puke, whether it’s your pet’s or toddler’s. You can also try it on old coffee or milk stains, as well as other types of spillage like juice and wine. It is great on many types of surfaces including carpets, rugs, stairs, and upholstery, among others. You can easily make this your all-around cleaner at home.

Stubborn dirt will no longer be a bother with this Bissel carpet cleaner. The best way to tell if it has sucked up all the dirt is to wait until the foam is gone. The dirt will then come up. You can also remove pet hair and food crumbs that may have fallen on the carpet or upholstery. This cleaner is an ideal tool especially for those who lean toward dark-colored carpets and rugs. Though they don’t look dirty, they might be harboring different types of dirt, even bacteria. Ensure they’re clean and safe for your household with this the SpotClean Pro.

Attachments and Professional Deep Cleaning Formula

The Bissel carpet cleaner comes with tools that you can simply attach to maximize its cleaning power. The 6'' stair tool is one. You can connect it to the hose, pour the formula (which will be discussed further in the next paragraph), plug the device, power it on, and you’re good to go. This is particularly designed for spaces that are difficult to reach, such as the stairs, auto interiors, and upholstery corners. The 6" brush tool is another tool. The handle has spray that you can use with this tool, perfect for upholstery. The 3'' brush can be used for spot cleaning upholstery or stubborn spots.

Now, as mentioned, there is an accompanying deep cleaning solution. Called the BISSELL 2x Professional Deep Cleaning Formula, it offers professional-grade cleaning. The formula goes deep down the material. Through the Scotchgard protection, the formula protects the carpet from future stains. Pour the solution into the deep cleaning formula tank. Use the spray to control the stream of solution that you will be applying on the carpet and such material. The BISSELL machine is great at sucking the solution along with any dirt and stain. Also, wait for the the foam to be gone to see the most satisfying result.

Compact and Portable

The BISSELL SpotClean Pro is a compact carpet cleaner. Yet do not be fooled by its size for it is a powerful tool. It features a large-capacity, ¾ gallon tank. This allows you to work on a wider area without having to refill the tank. Because it is compact, you can easily carry the machine from Point A to Point B. The only thing to add, if we may suggest to BISSELL, would be wheels so it need not be ‘carried’. Combine vacuum suction, scrubbing action, and deep-clean solution, you get a device that can deal with the most stubborn dirt.

In addition, it is also portable -- even without the wheels! It has a top handle that you can hold while moving it around. This allows you to clean multiple surfaces. You can clean the steps of the stairs, the corners of upholstery, and even the interiors of the car. To top that, the Bissel carpet cleaner comes with a 22-foot power cord. This is long enough to enable flexibility of movement. What a way to not skip those hard-to-reach areas. Another thing: you won’t have any problem with storage space with this one. It easily fits the cleaning supply closet.

Ease of Use and Durability

Its ease of use is hard to beat in its price point. The BISSELL SpotClean Pro requires no assembly. Simply attach the tools -- the stair tool, the larger brush, and the smaller brush -- and fill the formula tank, and you’re good to go. It comes with a large hose -- a 5-degree flex hose -- that enables extended cleaning. This is where you also attach the tools. It also includes a tank for dirty water. This product presents you with a convenient way to clean your home. Should you need to troubleshoot it, just refer to Page 9 of the user manual.

It also comes with a two-year limited warranty. Contact BISSELL should you need to claim this. As such, standard products come with a year’s worth of warranty. But the company seems to be confident that its product will perform better than the others. Hence, the longer warranty period. Without being too expensive, this carpet cleaner looks good and durable. More than that, it is fully functional. For the price, this machine delivers on its cleaning promise and lasts for years with proper care. It is well worth the bucks. In conclusion, you cannot go wrong with the BISSELL brand.



The BISSELL brand has always provided users with a convenient way to clean. For your carpet cleaner, the BISSELL SpotClean Pro is a viable solution for removing the most stubborn and embedded spots, stains, and dirt. It is compact and portable so you can also move it around the area without too much fuss. Combining vacuum suction, scrubbing action, and deep-cleaning solution, it effectively cleans your carpet and other surfaces. It works well with stairs, upholstery corners, and auto interiors. This powerful performance is made possible by the attachments: the 6" stair tool, the 6" brush, and the 3" brush.

Take your pick and start dealing with old coffee stains, fresh pee, or regular pet hair. You can buy the Bissel carpet cleaner for an affordable price. Just add a few bucks to get the bundle, which comprises the device and the professional-grade formula. Rest assured that you will get your money’s worth. This functional and durable tool is perfect for those who want nothing less than a product that delivers on its promise. The four reasons stated above should be enough to convince you. Now, if you want to know more about cleaners in general, you may have a look around our blog.

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